Sacred Money Archetypes

Are you in a great relationship with Money? Do you feel empowered and supported by money or does it feel exhaustive and draining to deal with money? Have you ever thought about what it would feel like to know and understand what drives you when it comes to money? Why you save or spend the way you do, or how you give and receive money? Then a Sacred Money Archetype(R) reading is the best place to start!

In this reading you will not only find out what your top 3 money archetypes are, yet you will begin to understand how you operate when it comes to money. 
Are you the Alchemist and everything you touch turns to gold, or are you the Ruler with an unstoppable drive to create a big impact and a significant income? Maybe your Sacred Money Archetype(R) is the Accumulator, saving and living within your means? 
Whichever Archetype you are, you will come to see your relationship with money and how it impacts you in every area of your life. Wouldn’t you love to find out? 
Join me for an hour-long reading where you will learn your Sacred Money Archetypes and how to begin uncovering your hidden money beliefs, blocks, and journey into a healthier, happier relationship with money! 

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