Episode 49: Ask for Help

On this episode I share how we all could benefit from asking for help. How many times do we get lost, or ungrounded or in a space where we feel totally and utterly alone? We isolate or we go numb with an addiction. The last two years have been so challenging and devastating for so many, why aren’t more of us asking for help? I believe there is such a stigma in seeking or asking for help because we think it looks weak or makes us feel shame that we can’t do it ourselves. We weren’t meant to do the journey alone! We are here to support and uplift one another and even though I am not walking in your shoes, I can relate to your pain, or worry or sadness or even joy for that matter! We need to find more joy in this life, I even was reminded of this last week and will now be smiling at others more and more. Our hearts hold the key to this love we are and so the more whole we can become the more love we can remember lies within us and we can then radiate it out to the world! Asking for help is a part of that journey and I would encourage you to do so from Spirit, your guides, or another human you trust and know will listen and support you! 

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