Episode 48: What Structures are you attached to?

This episode is all about the structures we are attached to.  How many structures do you think you are attached to? Think about the systems, institutions, and structures we have been indoctrinated to rely upon, to provide security and safety for us. What if you decided not to partake in them? What would your life look like? Are you willing to destroy that illusion and the space where you deny your independence and freedom? My life’s journey has been about leaving behind a lot of these structures we have been taught yet only keep us enslaved and in denial of who we truly are. As I become wiser and more informed I can see how I don’t want to be a part of something that does not necessarily have my best interest at heart. At times, or most times, this has been a hard and scary choice, yet always when I take the leap of faith it proves me right and I know I have made the best and highest choice for myself and my family. 

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