Episode 46: Being in the Present Moment..Traveling Helps!

On this episode I share my own experience of being in the present moment. I have found that preparing for a trip and then experiencing the trip puts me in the present moment and there’s no place I’d rather be! When we are in the present, we become more in the flow of life and allow it to unfold as it needs to. It also appears as though life is one big miracle after another when I am in this state, and I my feathers do not get rustled, my patience soars, and anxiety subsides. I have been on many travel experiences(with my kids now too!) and the wiser I become and the more I up-level myself, I am finding these experiences to be wonderfully teachable and fun! Now to get this way in my regular daily activity all the time, well that is another story, yet of course more to be revealed! I have really let go of the past over the last few years, along with significant attachment to people, places, and things, and the future is untold so here I am reveling in the present moment. I am grateful. I chose this picture of my kids and I of a vacation to me that was miraculous in so many ways. I can’t even begin to  describe how many ah ha’s and miracles occurred. What a special time! 

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