Episode 42: Up-level Yourself

On this quick episode I share with you what it means to BE, DO, HAVE versus what most of us live which is Do or Have before we Be. What do I mean by that? Well we come here to BE first. Live in the present, find out who we are and why we are here. If we could understand who we are, the Divine in the flesh, then we might have an easier time receiving what we are supposed to DO and then Have what we desire. Yet the majority of us go around doing like whirling dervishes or wanting to HAVE a very materialistic life without ever receiving the gifts and lessons of living in the present and understanding ourselves, or even loving ourselves for that matter. 
Last week, I enjoyed being in the preset moment each and every day and it was exactly what I needed after not having traveled much in the last 2 years! Travel opens up your senses and causes you to be more in the moment. I was not distracted with things at home and therefore my mind and soul got a rest. I am so grateful I could step out of my comfort zone, and go to a new place with new experiences for myself and my children. It was fabulous and I learned some new things about myself as well! The Universe supported me through it all and even though my son says I am so lucky, I know it is more being in the flow and receiving! 

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