Episode 25: Rise from the Ashes with Matt Hogan

Join me on this episode with another divine masculine guest, Matt Hogan! In this episode he shares with us his journey of spirituality and how he has been rising each and every day. A big part of this began when his father made his transition and he shares this beautiful incredible story with us. As a financial planner he is helping radiate calm and peace to his clients, as money can be a fear based relationship for all of us! I am so grateful another man has stepped up to the plate to share with us how he weaves spirituality into everyday life, with work, with family, with friends, and is wiling to put himself out there to help someone else. People notice how he makes them feel, and he knows this is why he is willing to continue to pursue meditation, spiritual books, and his shadow. He is truly a leader and it’s going to be fun to see where his RISE takes him!

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