Episode 24: What is left Unfinished?

In this episode I talk about connecting with two sisters who through their story telling teach me about what’s unfinished. What I mean to say by that is they are both in the positions of helping people come to terms with their shadow or end of life wishes, what I would term a death doula. 
It’s fascinating to think about how we go through life with either shame or regret over certain things, unbeknownst to us how freeing it can feel to release those blocks or put into place how we would like to leave things as we make our way into another realm. Where in your life do you feel things are left unfinished and why is it we feel it so hard to share that part of ourselves? It’s always mastered by the Divine where and when we are able to release those heavy burdens, yet I do know it makes life a whole lot easier and more peaceful when we let go of it. 

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