Episode 21: Rise from the Ashes with Dave

On this episode we learn about Dave’s rise from the ashes. Dave started his spiritual journey just a little over 2  1/2 years ago and has been BLASTING off with all the conscious evolution! He has a voracious appetite to “remember” who he is and utilize this in all facets of his life. His story I believe is a very simplistic one in which we could all relate to.  He uses meditation as his way to deeply connect and work to stay on track and be in the flow of life. He is learning to embrace his feminine energy so he can be in balance and stay centered. Enjoy this episode, getting to know him, and also honoring him as this podcast pushes his edge! I hope lots of men out there will listen as change can be simple with a daily committed practice to your spirituality. That is only the beginning! More and more men are on the RISE….will you be one of them? What a joy to be with him and see his growth and evolution!

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