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Hi! My name is Melissa and I am so grateful you decided to check out my website.


Looking back on my life, I realize my spiritual awareness began when I was young, yet I did not fully embrace it until my late 30’s. It all started in a tree in my backyard. We had this gorgeous tall tree I used to climb to the tippy top, stand between three branches, and sway in the wind. I could see this gold building from up there and thought it was so cool! It was my own private hideout and I could get away from the world, think, and just “BE” while I was up there. It truly was my connection to the Divine. My mom would get afraid watching me, yet I never felt any fear. The fear of God and worldly things took hold of me as I grew up in a strict religious household though.

I thought my life was pretty good as I matured. I had lots of friends and good jobs and I traveled extensively. Things seemed to fall into place pretty easily for me. Then I got married and my life started to shift into a downward spiral. I was a pharmaceutical rep at that time as well and it was a highly competitive, stressful job. These experiences were extremely important in my life because I came to see how I truly thought of myself. My marriage relationship was a mirror to how I viewed my innermost being. The toxicity of it left me baffled and broken with a lack of understanding how I could have chosen something so terrible for myself. I gave ALL my power away! I also thought I had a good relationship with the Divine, but that was not true. The Divine was waiting for me all that time to come to IT for that full realization of who I really am. I was extremely out of balance in my masculine and feminine energies and after tremendous pain and suffering for many years, I surrendered, and my life started to change once again.

I was not an easy change because I wanted control and wasn’t willing to completely trust the Divine or myself all the time. I had to let go of a lot of security and safety with money and with my kids which was extremely difficult. I persevered though and kept following IT’s lead and the intuitive side of myself I was developing through mediation and books, even when I felt tremendous anxiety. I went into seclusion sometimes to read, pray, and walk in the park, building my relationship with Divinity in any way I could to see myself more truly as IT intended. I have completely retrained my mind and surrounded myself with like-minded people to lift me up. The process of ascension has not been easy, yet I know I have been on it for the last 12 years in order to help the masses who will be experiencing what I have gone through.

Today,  I am now connected to my spiritual side, in balance with my yin and yang so magnificently I can’t even remember what it was like to fear an all loving Consciousness. The Divine is an all loving, powerful source pouring through me every day. I am able to share this with you through the Akashic Records and my mediumship abilities, mentoring, and fire walking. It is my passion to serve others, with an open heart and awaken your consciousness!  

I am a certified master teacher in both Karuna and Usui Reiki, a certified Crystalline priestess of the Dove Lineage, certified Firewalk Instructor, certified Akashic Record Reader, certified Money Breakthrough Business Coach(R), Sacred Money Archetypes Coach(R), and certified Angelic Reiki Level 1 & 2. 

Aho and Blessed be to you on your life journey,



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