Is the fire calling you? Are you ready to become like the Phoenix and rise from the ashes?
It's time to Firewalk to Freedom!

In early 2020, so many of us began to see and feel the darkness and the hidden shadow of our world. We have faced so many unknowns and still are facing those as we begin 2022. This energy is the energy of the Phoenix. It is a time when we need to go within, find our true power, let go of fear, and meet with our shadow head on. We must let go of Denial and the Illusion of someone or something else taking care of us and take personal responsibility for our transformation. We must begin creating the new earth we want to see and let go of the past. This is why now is the perfect time to rise, and one way to do that is to walk the fire. It is a teacher. It will reveal more of your true authentic self and cause you to see yourself as an unlimited being. 

Why would anyone want to walk on fire? Well there are many reasons people have walked on fire for thousands of years. Ritual, rite of passage, to attain a goal. For me, when I walked the first time, it was transformational and empowering. Yet I also realize it was a connection to the Earth(the Divine Feminine) I had been missing for a long time and the transmutation I needed to begin my work as a medium and priestess. I needed to face my own fear of the fire(being seen and heard as a Divine feminine) in order to begin serving the world with my gifts. The fire is a powerful symbol of life, immunity, and freedom. 

We all need to RE-connect to Mother Earth as we move deeper into the Age of Aquarius and bring balance to the yin(feminine) and yang(masculine) energies of the world. We have been out of balance physically, mentally, emotionally, financially, sexually, and spiritually for way too long! My mission with fire walking is for you to leave the event empowered and feeling balanced, yet also with a more open heart! NOW is the time to do this as we have been enslaved for many many moons. IT IS TIME FOR FREEDOM and TIME TO RISE!!!!

Join me on a great adventure to RISE in 2022! 

Ready, Set, Go! Ignite and Focus....

These are the themes to the Firewalks I will be hosting in 2022. They will be held in Wentzville, MO, and will be limited to no more than 22 participants at each event. (Address to be given once payment is processed)

  • Ignite your Inner Fire with International Firewalking Day….April 2, 2022
  • Burn away your Money Blocks….May 
  • Firewalking for Purification and Healing….June
  • Firewalking for Flow and Manifestation….July
  • Firewalking to find your Masculine/Yang and Feminine/Yin Power…..September
  • Ignite your Self-Confidence and Self-Esteem…..October 


The cost will be $1000.00 per person per firewalk whether you want to walk or not. This will be non-refundable and non-transferable. There will be an event no matter the weather! We will gather together on-line before as well to connect and create intention and ignite your excitement for Firewalking!!!

Please join the private STLFirewalking community as well on Facebook in order to meet attendees and connect!

You must sign the waiver in order to participate whether you choose to walk or not. No exceptions.


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