Awakened Man Collective

Have you felt alone and confused about what is happening to you as you awaken to your spirituality? Do you feel isolated and think others would consider you crazy or out of your mind if you told them what you are experiencing? Do you KNOW there is something more out there for you, yet not sure of what that looks like because you are surrounded by such a 3D world?

Then this collective is the exact place you were meant to be! You have followed your intuition and landed in a safe place to share what is happening as you open your heart and mind to new possibilities for yourself! The time is NOW! 
Join me and a group of awakened men each month to share all the wild and wonderful synchronicities, body vibrations, and heart palpitations coming up in you as you experience melding heaven and earth. There is more meant for you, you are not crazy, and we want to help you grow and support you on your journey to KNOWINGNESS and BEINGNESS. You have been called to open up to your courageous Divine Masculine energy and purpose as we build the New Earth. You are a leader and a pioneer, embracing your Divine Self in order to protect, support, and awaken other beings on this planet. You are here as well to support the balance needed between the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine. You are willing to face your shadow and do WHATEVER IT TAKES, to step into this other world calling you forth! 

Membership is $33/month.  We meet the second Wednesday of each month at 7pm CT.

What you’ll receive:

—Understanding how to protect yourself as you navigate your awakening
—Support from other like-minded men(and Me) as you open up
—Tools and resources to reference, such as books, movies, podcasts, music, videos, and meditations to support your journey
—More confidence in yourself and higher self-esteem as a man moving into 5D
—Better communication skills, thereby deepening relationships with your partner, family and friends
—Living life more in the present moment and being in the flow of life, calmer, more open and trusting
—Manifesting-learn how to create more abundance and prosperity in your life
—Learn about different healing modalities, what chakras are, and how to clear them






Photo by Zac Durant on Unsplash


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