Akashic Reading

What is an Akashic Record Reading?

The Akashic Records were re-discovered by Edgar Cayce back in the late 1800’s. They are a compilation of every thought, word, deed, action and experience you have ever had, are having and ever will have. It’s a powerful way to connect in to ascended masters, teachers and loved ones. We open with a prayer and claiming our sovereignty and then I listen to the guidance provided to help you on your life journey. I ask my clients to prepare 3-5 questions to ask their records and the session is filled with helpful, loving, healing conversation with us here and your helpers on the other side! There is joy and maybe some tears during the reading, yet always a healing occurs. Openings and activations can happen and you will leave the reading having gleaned more information on critical parts of your life you wanted answers to or where you want to shift or transform. It’s a powerful experience every time.

Your session can also be recorded via zoom for your reference. My clients like to record the reading in order to refer back to it on occasion for help and healing.

Readings are $222 per hour session and paid via Paypal. A link will be sent via e-mail once you have booked a reading.

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