Once upon a time, there was a little girl who wanted to feel close to the Divine, so she decided at the tender age of 6 to begin climbing trees. Now at 3 she had already mastered climbing the ladder to the 9 foot jump off the high dive at her local pool, falling into 12 feet of water and swimming alone to the side of the pool and at 5 years old, she and her older sister(7) had also mastered climbing the giant rope in the school gym beating every other student and winning many 1st place ribbons in each competition. The tree looked daunting at first, because it was about 40 feet tall, yet she remembered her past experiences of climbing and knew this was going to be easy peasy to get to the top.

On the day she decided to climb, it was a little windy and she wondered if getting to the top would be a bit precarious, yet she knew she wanted to try it. She could see the exact location she wanted to get to. It was the tippy top and she knew the view would be amazing and also no one would be able to find her. I mean who would be crazy enough to climb that high! She was fast and agile as she used her little arms and legs like a monkey to reach the three pronged branch she would stand in. When she summited her peak, she could see way out into the distance! The object that caught her eye was a big beautiful gold building glinting in the sun. It was glorious to be so high, having the wind blow in her hair, and sway with the branches! It felt like heaven on earth!

It’s so quiet up here, she thought and I feel so free and alive. No one and nothing can touch me or get me up here. It’s my safe haven, my secret place. No one could even see her when the tree was fully clothed with leaves. She felt hidden from the world. She felt in tune and one with the Universe. “I never want to come down! I always want to feel like this,” she thought.
Fast forward to today: How can I feel this way all the time when life pulls me out of that space of peace? What tools do I have now to feel free, alive, powerful and like the heroine of my own story? Over the years, how did I lose that relationship to the Divine ,yet more importantly, to MYSELF? What transpired in my life to give my power away, to let go of my self-care, and become trapped in my EGO? Why don’t I feel at ONE with the Universe anymore like I did as a child?

All of these questions are continually a part of my self-evolution. Every day now, I am in a state of awe as to how the Universe unfolds my path. I know I am being guided by nature, by others, by my intuition, by a Universal force. I have learned to TRUST myself and DISCERN what feels right for me, just as I used to do when I was that little girl climbing the tall tree. Maybe you want to learn this as well. I can help you!

May you find your inner guide,


photo credit: @llkern

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  1. I am so inspired by this story. I feel that there is a plan for everyone. My thoughts for the universe like yours has changed since I was a child. I want that back

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