Today I want to talk about, ‘Letting go of Control’. I know for me, one of the hardest things I can do in my life is let go of control. For the longest time, I felt like control was the only way I could get things into my life that were beneficial for me and the only way I could get my way.

Over the course of several years, I have come to understand that control actually binds me and keeps me small, or keeps me in a box, and doesn’t allow freedom, clarity, miracles, and synchronicities to come in. So for the longest time, I was actually blocking all of those amazing gifts! I learned over time the more I could let go of control, relinquish control, and surrender control, the more freedom, clarity, miracles and synchronicities I do receive in my life. The Universe actually steps in to help me!

There are so many great benefits to letting go of control. I know especially as a mom and as a former wife, that control was the only way a lot of times that I felt safe. It gave me a sense of security and peace to be in charge of everything. I was managing every aspect of my life and then I knew what to expect and when. Surprises were a no go because that just threw me off! It also did not let anyone on the outside looking in see that my life was not perfect and I was very unhappy on the inside and struggling to find meaning and purpose.

Over time, I found that letting go of that control can be, well totally scary, but the benefits of doing it are so great that I’ve learned now how to let go of so much control in my life and I’m really in the process of just flowing with my life. When I work with my clients, we talk about the areas they may be trying to control and we look for places where they can self-forgive, self-love, and where they can have more self-compassion and self-acceptance. Then what starts happening is they take inspired action versus taking controlled action or taking forced action and then these gifts start to appear: freedom, clarity, miracles and synchronicities. My clients return each time to their lessons saying, oh my gosh, I experienced this thing happening! It was awesome! When I let go of this, this is what was able to flow in or this created space for me.

I know letting go of control can be really, really challenging and difficult. We’re so used to controlling so much in our lives and we’ve been conditioned to control people, places and things. Yet the divine paradox is, when we let go of control and we surrender, all of this new and amazing energy can in turn fill the void of where we have let go. This is a practice! It’s a daily practice for me and I’m constantly trying to let go of control and something will come up and make me very anxious and I want to control, and then I’ll realize this isn’t serving me, this isn’t working for me.

One big example of me letting go of control was when I went firewalking. You talk about surrender! The journey to firewalking started January 18th, 2017 and ended 3 weeks later with me getting a certification as a firewalk instructor! How did that happen you ask? I listened to the Divine and said ok, here goes. Everything fell into place and not only did I firewalk I had so many other valuable experiences while I was there.

Where in your life are you letting go of control or where can you let go of some control? Think about that and then start letting go and surrendering to a greater power, source energy, the universe, whatever you want to call it! You can have some of these things show up in your life the way I know that they continually show up in mine! And it just gets better and better and better in my own life:)

Let go and have a wonderful day,


Here’s my video about letting go of control:

photo credit: @jennyle14