A few days ago I decided to do the 100 breaths exercises on the healing arts website. I had run into the owner of the center at my local grocery store, and he told me to try it as I had gone through the transformational breath workshop at his school. Every time I do these breathing exercises I am ready, excited for what the breath does for me after I finish, and then once I begin I remember a certain feeling(for me it’s like being on a roller coaster when your stomach drops), and I start to resist. I become afraid and don’t want to let go. Why do I do this when breathing is usually unconscious? Yet practiced breathing is a whole different experience. One that leaves me feeling blissful, clear focused, and invincible AFTER I breathe through the fear.

My first experience with breath work was at fire school. I had no idea what it was yet it changed my life. It was day 3 of our training, and my fear had skyrocketed because the night before I had gotten some fire kisses on my feet and I didn’t want to walk the fire ever again! I had reached out to my friends and children, asking for their strength and to send me love and light so I could go back to training the next day. I also brought up my fear at share time with the group the morning after, and everyone listened and supported me. Go through the day and make your decision when it’s time I was told. The fire will tell you if you are ready. I agreed and this gave me peace as I could decide for myself if I ever wanted to walk on fire again! No one was judging me. I was being held in a space of love and acceptance.

Around 3:00pm we began “a journey within” I will never forget. Then, and each time since then I have experienced “transformation”, literally, with breath work practice. It’s a game changer for me. No wonder they say it’s like running a marathon. It’s the most exhilarating experience I have ever had breathing! It’s like a roller coaster times 100. You feel pain, euphoria, fear, joy, pleasure, and relief all in the same experience! It’s truly living!

Our journey began on the floor lying down on a yoga mat. Our instructor walked us through three different breaths he would be using for the next 45 minutes, then we began. I became focused on myself and my body. I was following the instructor, yet at times would lose his voice because there was music or I was concentrating on how I was breathing and moving my body on the floor so it would not lock up. I began to sweat and my mouth got dry. He pushed us through it and I pushed myself. When this one song came on I completely went into a state of release, sobbing my eyes out. Then, my whole being was inside this peach liquid substance with black dots all over. It was pure bliss like I have never felt before, and I felt safe and one with the Universe. My fear completely dissolved and I relaxed. I knew that night I could walk on fire and I did. This also helped carry me through the next night of walking on fire 108 times in a row. I felt utterly unstoppable.

If you have never done breath work, I highly suggest it. I have had many experiences, each one different. Each one takes me through a process of giving in, surrendering, and letting go of junk that does not serve me. My shadow always comes in for a visit when I begin breath work. There is a purification that occurs when you breathe. You detoxify and cleanse. I have been to other dimensions doing breath work and seen magnificent visions. A deeper trust is formed within myself as well each time. The roller coaster is a thrill, and one I will gladly continue to take.

To every breath you take,


photo credit: @nofilter_noglory