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A year ago this month, I would have never believed I am where I am today. If my friends had told me I would be hearing deceased spirits and sharing messages of hope with friends and clients, I would have told them they were crazy. I remember telling my book club friends, who were all attending a psychic workshop in St. Louis a year and a half ago with an evidential medium, I didn’t want to attend because I was busy that weekend and I didn’t want to see dead people. They all had an amazing time at the workshop and learned a lot, yet little did they or I know what a tremendous gift I had! And it was untapped until I decided to take an Akashic Records class.

After taking the class I followed what I was supposed to do; to support a client through opening their records and informing them of what came in to me around the questions they had prepared. A week into the readings, a friend’s father showed up to give him a message and it opened pandora’s box for me. I thought maybe it was a fluke or I was just hearing things because I knew his dad. Yet I kept getting the answers correct and I felt good about the message and what I shared. It was like hearing someone talking through a phone or sitting right next to me relaying answers to someone else. It was a phenomenal feeling.

After this reading, I wanted to give many more readings to see who would come in. Every reading I gave, someone came in for the client. Sometimes, the spirits were strong and would shift my energy and I would get a headache, stomachache, or get dizzy or shake. I would put a black tourmaline in my bra to help me stay grounded. I also made sure to put protection around myself and cord cut after I finished the reading. These days I can still feel the energy yet it’s not as strong as before. I have acclimated to a lot of the energy and can ground much easier. It is still so fascinating to me how this works and how valuable this is to my clients! I love to do it.

My favorite story of all is regarding my twin flame and the deceased spirits that came in for us. My twin flame and I have been in relationship for 32 years and it had been a mystery to me how we have come and gone from each other for all these years until now. About 7 years ago I was at the park one day and I felt something was wrong with my twin flame. I had not seen or spoken to him in 11 years so I had no idea where he lived or how to contact him. I was very upset, crying and saying to God that I knew something was wrong with him yet didn’t know how to help. So I let it go. Three years later I met up with him, told him this story and he said it was the exact date that his uncle was dying and he had been very emotional about it. I was blown away yet did not know I could communicate with dead spirits and just thought I was reading his energy.

Fast forward to last year and his uncle came in one night to tell me my twin flame was in turmoil at work and in his marriage. So I reached out to him to check on him, not letting him know I knew anything. He said yes, he was in turmoil. From there, things got interesting and also intense. His grandfather paid me a visit at 4am one night and then his sister’s former boyfriend came through one day while I was typing my twin flame an e-mail. He had committed suicide when we were in college.  Things were getting so intense for me and I was becoming distraught, so he asked if we should meet and open his records. I said yes! So we agreed to meet four days later. Well the day before we were supposed to meet I am driving to meet someone at the coffee shop. On my way there I notice a man underneath a car, trying to fix it. All of a sudden I feel this vroom of energy and a man we knew comes in to my mind and the memory of how he died when the car jack broke while he was changing the car oil, crushing him underneath. A few moments later, his son, came in to me and I almost crashed my car. He was a good friend of my twin flame and I and had died when we were in our 20’s in a high speed collision. I had felt the symptoms of his death the night before, a cracked neck, yet did not know what it was. It really scared me at the time, yet only lasted about a minute.

The day my twin flame came over to get his reading I did not know what to expect! Yet I was grateful he actually agreed to come and share the experience with me. He is not a person familiar with my world, and does not want to be part of it, yet trusted me enough to participate. I know it impacted him greatly and in profound ways and for me it gave me a feeling of safety knowing his spirits were able to reach him and give him the messages they wanted to share.

My work as a medium continues to evolve. Each day as I share this gift with others, I am honored and humbled at what I learn and how we communicate and connect. I am quite surprised at how much this impacts me and yet the more I experience it, the more I want to give. I am now creating mentorship packages to help women who have lived with a narcissist and have low self-esteem and self-worth. I want to help women learn how to seIf-care, tap into their intuitive gifts, and align with their choices. I am using the Akashic Records to guide me and lead me to my highest calling and to serve in ways I never knew possible. It is a wonderful feeling to be able to watch someone’s life transform because they gleaned valuable insights from both the visible and invisible worlds.

photo credit: Pixabay