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 Today I sit in awe as I look back on my life and realize that I am finally living authentically. That I have been given the gift of reaching a place that is better than I could have planned for myself. I had a dream of becoming a doctor when I was young. I wanted to make a lot of money and drive a red convertible Mercedes. I wanted to help people and make them feel better. I thought I could only do this as a doctor. I realize now that God had a bigger plan for me, a better plan for me. A plan designed perfectly for me to happen at just the right time. I have connected the dots and it’s a great feeling! I am having fun!

I am now working with a company that I KNOW is helping people have better lives. I think being a doctor is great, yet as a  referral marketing representative I can make my own hours. I can work in my car, my home, or a coffee shop(the supermarket also seems to be a wonderful place lately as I am there ALL the time!). I can find anyone, anywhere to help. I can pick up my kids from school and help out in their classrooms when they need me. I have flexibility. I am my own boss. How many jobs have that? And our company is in 50 countries worldwide and that means I get to meet people all over the place! That is so amazing to me! I make new friends.

So why is this a great opportunity? I found this company almost 4 years ago. Actually it found me. I met my mentors in a gym sharing another referral marketing company’s products. They were so supportive of me even though I was sharing another company’s product. They even went to the local shopping market and bought me flowers. WOW! I was amazed at their support of me, not even knowing who I was.

Our company’s compensation plan is very generous.  When you reach the top level, you actually are receiving back 61% of your total sales. That is unheard of in the MLM business.And it’s so easy to start. There are no joining fees and no renewal fees each year. You don’t have to carry an inventory! Yeah! I carried an inventory of thousands of dollars of pharmaceuticals and it not only took up space in my house and my car but I had to count it every night to keep track of it. Another MLM I worked for also recommended an inventory and doing parties all the time in order to build my business. I did it for a while but it became such a chore to clean my house constantly and drive all over creation picking up my samples when I was making pennies on the dollar

This is an amazing opportunity! You make 25% off every sale in your 1st level and 10% on your second level and 5% on your 3rd level. The only requirement we have is to purchase a product worth 40IP(international points) to get started. This is so easy because there are several products you can purchase to be at that 40IP and they make you feel better! So you get the experience of using them and then you share the products. It really is so easy. And I have purchased many other f the products to just try them out and love them all! So you get healthy and make money doing it. What could be better? Nothing in my opinion. I am getting financial freedom!

So send me an e-mail to learn more! When you get to Gold you get to attend the company university and meet people from all over the world. And when you get to Diamond you get to go on the cruise!

This referral marketing opportunity is fantastic. Supplements are a consumable business. People buy them every month. It’s not a purse or make-up or something you buy every 6 months or year or two. It’s every month. And it can ship directly to you at your house. We all do on-line ordering these days. And our ASAP program allows people to have a monthly shipment without the hassle of calling. It really is so easy. 

Come, join my team, feel better, make some money and help some people! It’s a win win!!!

To your best health,

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