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It is amazing to me how our bodies work. I remember my anatomy teacher, Sr. Pat, saying in high school, “Girls, the body is an amazing thing. It is a miracle that so many babies are born healthy.” She was right. Our bodies ARE so amazing. And each organ is so important to how the body functions. I will also have to say that the COLON is the MOST IMPORTANT organ in our bodies. It is the sewer system of our bodies. It is where all the waste goes. And we NEED to get rid of that waste in order for our bodies to function their best!

Does getting your trash picked up excite you? It does me! I know that may sound strange to some people but I love that feeling of getting rid of all the junk I have. And our trash pick-up is only once a week so sometimes I have extra just sitting in my garage, which I am not fond of as the weather gets warmer, but it all gets taken away eventually. So getting rid of waste excites me!! HMMMMM. How does that apply to my body?

Well let me explain what happens when our colon either gets rid of waste or it gets clogged up inside our intestines. If we get rid of the waste in our bodies they function better, you have cleaner blood, healthier cells, and better utilization of nutrients. Your skin may look better and you may feel more energy. It makes sense right?

Well let me explain what could happen when you don’t clean your colon on a daily basis. Food was meant to pass through the body from 8-18 hours. Autopsies have shown that the bowel can become lined with old,putrid,decayed accumulation of years and years of body waste materials! They encrust the colon wall, just like and old sewer pipe and in some cases the opening being no larger in diameter than a pencil.
We all don’t stop and imagine what it might be like inside the body where fermenting putrefactive matter is allowed to stay in a warm temperature. As matter collects and stagnates, an excessive number of virulent micro-organisms begin to permeate and infect the bowel wall. This decomposed material causes irritation and inflammation of the mucus membranes, resulting in painful spasms of the muscle wall. Micro-organisms escape the large bowel via the ileocecal valve and enter the small intestine where they are picked up by the bloodstream and lymphatic system and can be more than the liver can handle. Consequently the circulatory system delivers this contaminated blood to every cell in the body, irritating all the tissues and organs!

Breast cancer could be reduced by 47% if women increased their dietary fiber and reduced their fat intake. Colon cancer is one of the top cancer killers in the US! There are over 150,000 new cases each year! Constipation has come to be accepted as normal. We should be having bowel movements up to 3 times per day!

This is why I am so passionate about vitamins. The one I take  cleans your colon in a healthy way every single day. Once your colon is clean, this product puts back all the vitamins, minerals, nutrients and other wonderful things your body needs. It is an incredible product. I can’t imagine being without it!

Everyone’s bodily problems seem to begin with the colon. Why not try what I did and see how great you feel! 

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