I just got off the phone with one of my friends and she said her husband LOVES L-Arginine! He won’t go a day without it because not only does it help to raise his energy level but his circulation is so amazing he wants to have sex every night. What man doesn’t want this? And let me ask you women….especially after reading “50 Shades of Grey”, what woman wouldn’t want to feel this way too? Why is it that we just accept how poor we feel, when we can feel SO MUCH BETTER??? L-arginine is something we are born with but is depleted as we age. Why wouldn’t we want to replenish something that helps our bodies so much?

When we smoke, drink and take prescription drugs, we inhibit our circulation causing symptoms like low sex drive. Medications like anti-hypertensives and antidepressants cause low sex drive. In 2003, $32 Billion was spent on anti-hypertensives and in 2005, 27 million Americans were taking anti-depressants.  No wonder we have so many men and women having issues with their sex lives.

I also recently heard that Viagra is $29 a pill. WOW! Are you men in your 30’s, 40’s and 50’s willing to pay that much  for an erection? I bet you are. But for how long? Why not purchase a product that can enhance not only your sex life but your heart, lungs and cholesterol at the same time? Think about that for a minute. This is what
L-Arginine has the potential to do.  (We recently heard of a man at age 79 who is very happy in the bedroom now!)

We need to wake up in America and start taking better care of ourselves. When we utilize L-Arginine, our blood vessels and our red blood cells get more oxygen, causing us to have more energy and feel better! When we ingest L-arginine, nitric oxide is working in every vein and artery in our bodies, including the smallest capillaries. Therefore the penis and clitoris get more blood flow, which enhances our sex lives. 
 When are you going to enhance your sex life? The time is now!

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