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I was speaking with a dad of one of my children’s classmates the other day. He happens to be a chiropractor. I was telling him about my new product, and he said the only thing he knows that l-arginine helps is urinary incontinence. I gave him a quizzical look and said, “Really?” He said yes, that is what he has heard it helps. It’s so great how every week I am hearing about new things that L-Arginine helps!

So of course I rushed home to my resource books to see if he was right. And he sure is! I got another amazing book at the library last week called, “NO More Heart Disease” by Dr. Louis J. Ignarro. He is one of the scientists who discovered the l-arginine molecule in 1998. When L-arginine hits the body it turns into NO(nitric oxide).

This is what Dr. Ignarro says about urinary incontinence and the NO(nitric oxide) factor.
“As we age beyond fifty, we become increasingly susceptible to uncontrollable and involuntary loss of urine, termed urinary incontinence. Loss of bladder control affects approximately 13 million adults  in the U.S., affecting twice as many women as men. Urinary incontinence too often creates anxiety and encourages social isolation. Many people with this problem are too embarrassed to discuss the problem even with their doctor.

Researchers have identified a number of causes of incontinence, including urinary tract infections and an array of different medications, most notable diuretics, sedatives, narcotics, antihistimines, antidepressants, and calcium channel blockers. There is also evidence that, in many cases, the bladder simply cannot properly relax. Even when the bladder is only partially full, the urge to urinate cannot be suppressed, with leakage increasing due to a sneeze, cough, or laugh.”

So I must comment here, since I have had 3 children, I suffer from this issue at times when I am laughing or sneezing! I know this is common for women after childbirth since we have been stretched in all sorts of places imaginable. I know someone who had surgery to correct this because it was so bad.

This is what Dr. Ignarro says about NO(nitric oxide) taking the case. “Medical science has learned that deficiencies in nitric oxide production are unquestionably a factor in incontinenece. Under normal circumstances, NO does an excellent job of relaxing the bladder’s smooth muscle, permitting it to expand normally and fill with urine. When deficiencies do occur, the bladder cannot relax sufficiently and releases some of its urine-either involuntarily or with abnormal frequency. By boosting your levels of NO, you may be able to reduce or eliminate incontinence. “

This is just awesome information! I get so excited when I find EVEN MORE reasons to use L-Arginine.  I don’t have heart disease or diabetes and L-Arginine works great for those disease states.  I do need L-Arginine for other reasons and I am so grateful I know about this amino acid and all it’s power.

Please send me an e-mail today to get more information on how to help your urinary incontinence. I am here to help you!
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