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Every day we go about our lives consuming lots of different items to satisfy our body’s need for energy and survival. The most important item is WATER! We know that right? An adult needs at least 8 glasses of water a day to hydrate our body and makes up about 65% of our form. If we add exercise, drink lots of caffeine or eat saltier foods we would need to increase that rate to 10+ glasses a day. Can you think of what the next most important item could be? Well it’s protein! Yes protein is the largest element contained in the human body.

Many adults and especially children do not get adequate amounts of protein needed in the day. Protein makes up about 28% of our form. All cells in your bones, muscles, skin, nails, brain, heart and other organs contain protein. The enzymes that your body produces to facilitate metabolic processes are made of proteins. Proteins, called immunoglobulins, are an important component of your immune defense system and are needed to support a healthy immune system. The human body maintains itself with the amino acids from protein; therefore, it is important to consume adequate amounts on a daily basis.

These days we all are on a “go-go-go” schedule with little time left to manage what we put into our bodies. It is difficult to be mindful of what the best and healthiest choices are when most of us are so busy. It can be overwhelming too. It’s OK, for now.

Protein Shakes can help bring a health and wellness change to you and your family in a way that is easy and quick. Protein Shakes  are there for us to add that extra strength to our bodies with high quality protein, just one  Protein Shakes provides a special blend of proteins from three sources known for their biologically favorable ratio of amino acids: GMO-free soy, milk protein isolate and whey protein. It is also virtually lactose and fat free, fully soluble and has a neutral flavor. The shakes I use come in Vanilla, Unsweetened Vanilla and Chocolate flavors and have NO cholesterol and NO trans fats!


Each morning I begin my day with a scoop of the Vanilla shake with 8 oz. of unsweetened almond milk and  2 scoops of my vitamin powder. My “breakfast” shake contains my essential 20 grams of protein and my entire daily requirements of vitamins, minerals, 50% daily value of fiber, cancer-preventative antioxidants and probiotics. It tastes great and I am good to “go-go-go” until lunch time!

My kids and kids that I know who have tried the Protein Shake have all loved it! There is NO “aftertaste” like many protein powders out there have . My 3 1/2 yr. old daughter has to have her own when she sees me make mine and I feel great giving it to her because it is such a healthy option for her!

It is time to stop and take the necessary time to make healthier changes. We must get back to the basics again for the sake of our health and well-being. We must do it not just for ourselves but more importantly for our families sake.


Lots of WATER and healthy PROTEIN!!!!

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To your best health,

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