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Have you ever had sore muscles, a headache, carpal tunnel syndrome or any other sort of inflammation? It can be painful and debilitating. I am sure we have all experienced some sort of inflammation on some part of our body at one time or another.

My most painful experience with inflammation is carpal tunnel syndrome. I never had it extremely badly until the 5th month of my pregnancy with my first daughter. I received cortisone injections in both wrists. I never want to do that again. Not only did I put a bunch of drug in my body but it was also very painful to get the shots and my hands ballooned up for over 24 hours. With my 3rd pregnancy I once again experienced extreme pain from the carpal tunnel. I decided against the cortisone since I was only 6 weeks out from delivery. I wish I had known about this vitamin then. After her birth, I was screaming in pain because I could not sleep or lay down. It felt like someone was shoving knives into my wrists. It was worse pain than the c-section.

After I had been on a great supplement for a couple of months I asked my sponsors if they had anything to help my carpal tunnel syndrome. They recommended an anti-inflammatory vitamin. They told me it is a vitamin that contains an enzyme your body already makes. For example, when you get a cut your body sends an enzyme to help heal it. So instead of taking Ibuprofen or a pain reliever or some other drug(I took Vioxx for my knees), I could take this vitamin. It is something my body recognizes and not a foreign substance! And I was also already detoxing/cleaning my colon so they said I would absorb the product even better.

They recommended that I start with just a couple of tablets. I took 3 the first night. It must be taken on an empty stomach. Since I eat at all different times because I am a busy mother of three I thought I would put the product at my bedside and take it before I went to sleep. My carpal tunnel was also the worst in the middle of the night, waking me from sleep, because my hands had become numb,or early in the morning when I awoke. You can also take it 1 hour before or 2 hours after eating. My stomach got a bit upset the first night for about 30 minutes. My sponsor had told me to expect this and to eat a cracker or drink a little milk if I needed to. I also experienced this on the 2nd night but never again.

The results have been PHENOMENAL with this product. I had to build my body up by increasing the amount slowly but now I can take 7 or 8 a night and I wake up with NO PAIN!!! I also use it when I get a headache and now I am even using it after a hard workout. This product is AMAZING! If you want to get away from synthetic inflammation reducers this is a must try. (I know my sponsor was taking up to 50 a day before his hernia surgery so he would heal faster. It worked. The doctor had never seen a 64 year old person heal so fast from surgery.)

I know several people who pop ibuprofen like candy. Do you know what this can do to your liver and kidneys over time? They can cause liver and kidney toxicity and failure. Why do this to your body when you could take something your body already recognizes? 

I am a true believer in this product. It is a fantastic product and if you want to know more please send me an e-mail on my contact page.

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