Episode 9: Rise from the Ashes with Choying

Join me on this delightful episode to hear the journey of my soul brother, Choying. He is my first male guest and shares his experience around rising from the ashes. He teaches meditation and shares why it has had a profound effect on his life in a short amount of time.

Here is his bio: 
I AM (presence) a Nyingma (ancient) soul.
Founder | Integration Meditation 
A spiritual Warrior incarnated into this human life to transmute dark energies into light. I align with God first. Cultivate SOVEREIGNTY in an intuitive way, self empowerment and becoming powerful, mastering your own mind and emotions. Becoming fearless, powerful, love and compassion.

Love is a state of being

A powerful light warrior

Communion with God & Christ consciousness 

Padmasambhava is my guru

Kung Fu & Shamanic

Drumming & singing from my soul vibrations.

Website: www.Integrationmeditation.net

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