Episode 11: Rise from the Ashes with Caro Curiel

Join me on this fun and lively episode to learn about my coaching buddy, Caro. She is a bright light with a big vision to help Hispanic Women Entrepreneurs! She takes us through her own money journey of debt back to wealth through her never quit mentality. Her energy is contagious and she will make you smile and laugh. Enjoy! 

Caro Curiel teaches women how not to be afraid of money, how to collect what they are worth and break those blocks of money that prevent them to live abundant lives. Ideas, tips and strategies for women to unapologetically own their value, have incredible impact and income. Caro’s unique voice on women’s financial empowerment includes a wealth of Heartwarming stories and simple strategies on navigating the “money side” of running a business faced by women in today’s economy. Caro works from her home in Cancun, enjoying the ocean and daily time with her children, and with her husband, Alex.

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