The Little Girl in the Tall Tree

Once upon a time, there was a little girl who wanted to feel close to the Divine, so she decided at the tender age of 6 to begin climbing trees. Now at 3 she had already mastered climbing the ladder to the 9 foot jump off the high dive at her local pool, falling into […]

How Can I Let Go of Control?

Today I want to talk about, ‘Letting go of Control’. I know for me, one of the hardest things I can do in my life is let go of control. For the longest time, I felt like control was the only way I could get things into my life that were beneficial for me and […]

The Silver Platter Syndrome: How I have learned to take back my power

These last few weeks leading up to my birthday, I have been so reflective on my journey back to my own power and embracing it even more. It’s taken 10 years of focus on re-alignment! How did I lose so much of it I have been asking myself lately? What happened in my 20’s and […]

The Reflection is so Bright I need my sunglasses

I was at the pool doing my river walking this morning. It’s one of my favorite exercises to do in the summer and even though it was raining, I’m a die hard when it comes to river walking since it’s only 3 months a year. So of course I went to the river! I am […]

Worshiping the Divine Feminine within me July 6, 2019

I sat down to journal this morning as I always do, and had a very big Ah-Ha moment. I have been on my spiritual journey now for over 10 years and little by little more is revealed to me as to why my life has been the way it’s been, what choices I have made, […]